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Eutsuk Lake

Country: Canada
District: Northern B.C
Type: Lake, River, Stream

Location size
Lake: 26000 ha
River: 3 km

Distance from
Vancouver: 1050 km

This is the website for the only lodge on the lake. It gives you a full description of the services that are offered as well as what you can expect from your stay there

This area of B.C., Canada is almost untouched. You will see high mountains, lowland grass valley's, as well as high mountain tundra like views. Wetlands, grasslands, heavey forested areas, high mountain peaks, you get it all here.

Heaven on earth, flyfishing in remote Northern B.C.

How To Get There

You will need to get there by air via Vancouver International Airport (South Terminal). From there you will fly to Bella Coola (1.5 hours, 714km) then to Aniheim Lake (10 minute flight, 135km). From there a short shuttle bus ride to Nimpo Lake (16.5km) where you will board a small float plane that will take you to the lodge. The flight from Nimpo Lake to Eutsuk Lake is roughly 45 minutes on a beaver float plane.

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Location Details

This area of B.C., Canada is almost untouched. While up at this area, you will not only enjoy world class flyfishing for wild fish, but will be blessed with some of the most rugged, beautiful scenery you will ever see.

On a daily basis, you will catch trophy trout, and have the chance to see Bear, Moose, Caribou, Deer, Eagles, along with many other beautiful animals.

During one day trip you may see alpine, almost tundra like scenery, while on the other day you will see glaciers with high mountain peaks.

Access is by float plane or by a long boat trip from Burns lake Via 2 other lakes and portages. Best way is to take a flight (float plane) from Nimpo Lake, or Burns Lake, BC. There are dozens of small creeks, a few small rivers and one larger river that are tributaries to Eutsuk Lake. They come in all over the place, but by far the best places are RedFern River, Surel Creek and Pondosy.

Most of the creek mouths, and river mouths are the best places to concentrate as a flyfisher, If you would like to get into one of the wild Monster Rainbows, try trolling with DownRiggers and see if you can get into a 20+ pound Eutsuk Lake Monster.


In Eutsuk lake you can catch Rainbow Trout, Northern Pike Minnows, Whitefish, and Kokanee.

In the Redfern River, the main species are Cutthroat Trout and Rainbows, with some Whitefish as well.

How To Fish

There are many ways to fish this wonderful area. The main lake can be fished with deep sinking flylines, or with down riggers and lures.

The Redfern River is best fished one of two ways. During a hatch, use a dry (floating line) and match the hatch. When there is no obvious hatches going on, nymphing with bead headed flies such as a hare's ear or prince nymph is best.

River and Creek mouths fly selection by Rick Passek.


Fly rods to bring to the Redfern Lodge are 4-7wt. The fish in the main lake can reach a stagering 25lbs, so heavy rods are a must. The fish in the rivers and creek mouths can reach 10lbs, but fish in the 2-5lb range are typical so rods in the 4-5wt class are needed.

For fly lines, you will need a floating line, a sink tip, and at least one fast sinking line (type 6-7).

Leaders again will be needed in 9 foot length in 3-10lb breaking strength (Flourocarbon recomended for sinking lines).

Eutsuk lake fly selection by Rick Passek.

Practical Info

Accomodation in the area is VERY limited as it is hundreds of miles from the nearest town.

Redfern river lodge is a great 5 star resort in the aera that has everything you will need. They supply rods, reels, lines, flies, food, rooms, boats, and fully guided trips to the surrounding area. Make sure to have everything you need for the week when you go as there are NO stores withing a few hours by boat.

Buy your fishing license before leaving Vancouver.

The best time to fish this area is July-September. Before July, there is a chance of running into snow and ice, as well in October.

This area is a Provincial park (Tweedsmier Park) and as has been explained it is VERY VERY Remote.  Fishing here can be excellent and you do not need to be a great flyfisher to be able to catch fish. The fish are ALL wild, not stocked and do not see very many fishermen throughout the year because of it's remotness. Because of the fact that these fish are ALL wild, you are asked to Release your catch, but by the regulations, you can keep fish if you like.

You MUST buy a license before you get to the lodge or general area. There are NO places to buy one there. You can buy them at most fishing stores in Vancouver, Bella Coola or Burns lake. If you like, go to the Government website and buy online.

Airflight services
Airflight services
E-flyfishing licenses
B.C. Parks-reservation, official site
This is the website for the only lodge on the lake. It gives you a full discription of the services that are offered as well as what you can expect from your stay there

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