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Deutscher Traun

Country: Germany
District: Bavaria
Type: River

Location size
River: 7 km

Distance from
Munich: 87 km
Salzburg: 40 km

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German (Deutscher) Traun waters are amongst the top five in Bavaria, and if you are looking for professional managed fly fishing-only water in wonderful scenery and a real chance for trophy fish, the river Traun is the water to fish.

German (Deutscher) Traun waters are amongst the top five in Bavaria, Germany.


The Traun is a tributary of the Alz in Bavaria (Oberbayern). Two main tributaries, the White Traun and the Red Traun, originate in the Alps (Chiemgauer Alpen). The White Traun and Red Traun join at Siegsdorf and the overall river length from the source of the White Traun to the estuary in the Alz, a tributary of the Inn, is approximately 45 km.

Both rivers have received their names from the color of their water: While the White Traun has very clear water, the Red Traun is reddish brown. The cause lies in the different source areas - forested grounds of the White Traun and moorlands at the source of Red Traun.

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White Traun (Weiße Traun)

White Traun (Weiße Traun) – typical Alpine water with clear water. Average width of the river is 20 meters. The river holds a good poulation of brown trout and some graylings. Rainbow trouts of avarage size between 25-40 cm are regularly stocked. Fish up to 55 cm are not rare.

Red Traun (Rote Traun)

Red Traun (Rote Traun) – a smaller stream that holds a good stock of brown trout and large graylings (up to 50 cm).

German Traun (Deutsche Traun)

German Traun (Deutsche Traun) – this stretch, of average width between 25-30 meters, starts with the junction of the White and Red Traun and is a real fly-fishing gem. Fast rapids with large stones, streches of calmer water and deep holes occupied by large trout.

The average size of trout is between 35 and 45 cm and fish above 50 cm with weight around 2 kilos can be hooked regularly. The river holds trophy trout up to 70 cm and a good population of grayling that can reach up to 60 cm.

How To Fish

Fishing is allowed with barbless hooks only, no jigs or glo-bug flies. Streamers are prohibited. At very high water levels you may get a special permission for streamer fishing.

Deutche Traun is a good river for dry fly fishing, nymphing, and you can try to fish large stonefly nymph patterns as well.


Floating line will do in most conditions, tippet material no thinner than 6X (0.14mm) must be used. A 9ft 4-5wt rod and a 6X fluorocarbon tippet is a good choice on the White Traun, but you should try a lighter rod for low water conditions (8-9ft, 2-4wt).

Practical Info

Accomodation can be easily found in Siegsdorf. Fishing licences, flies and fly fishing tackle avaiblable from Rudi Heger shop.

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