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Flies: A slim brown & rust-colored Czech Nymph with golden ribbing.
Flies: Heavy tungsten bead nymph that can immitate caseless caddis or just "something edible".
Flies: Jeremy Lucus' ultimate olive dun imitation, this fly has the perfect profile and is rarely refused by feeding fish.
Gallery: Pictures from Olympus Tought outdoor camera testing. Olympus Tough - Official site
Flies: An extended body imitation of the most easily recognised British Mayfly and the most popular with anglers.
Eshop: Tied with a Tungsten Nugget , giving fantastic movement and helping you to get down to the biggest fish when they are lying deep.
Eshop: Soft, very strong hook. Use on all types of fine flies - dry, micronymphs, wet, midge. This model can also be used to catch larger fish.
Eshop: The Mohican May is an extended body imitation of the most easily recognised Mayfly.
Eshop: Pin on reel with clipper. Good quality to a nice price!
Eshop: This all-purpose watersports glove is designed for spin casting, fly fishing paddling and more.
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