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Eshop: Water resistant two-sided box with micro ribbons for 210 flies.
Eshop: 1 gram pack of this indispensable material, without which any dry fly could hardly be imaginable.
Flies: Zonker patterns are very effective when it comes to targeting ...
Eshop: Practical and handy light weight wading staff that will extend automatically when you take it out of the pouch.
Gallery: Svatava is a small river in Western Bohemia - Czech republic. Brown trout and grayling is the main target for the fly fisherman ...
Eshop: Attractor pattern for the situation when natural patterns require little bit of flash to be noticed by apathetic fish.
Eshop: This dry fly was designed by Peter Deane. He is reputed to have names this pattern after a the hill Cilmstock Beacon which ...
Eshop: The Bristol Hopper is a great general stillwater dry fly , you can fish it static, twitch it , pull it and you can even sink ...
Eshop: Probably the most popular nymph pattern the world over, effective for both Rivers and Stillwater's.
Flies: Another realistic imitation of brown caddis larvae. Great pattern for general usage.
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