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Eshop: Unsupported (Flat) winging material in really vibrant colours uses in lots of tails and cheeks.
Eshop: Leader strike indicator designed for Czech and French Nymphing methods.
Eshop: Champion fly fisherman Hywel Morgan and professional pike angler Anthony Glascoe Jr.
Eshop: In a continuation to the series, professional fisherman Hywel Morgan invitesyou to join him for another year as he tackles ...
Eshop: Olive nymphs are common in most rivers and this pattern is one of the many possible imitations.
Eshop: Inconspicuous imitative pattern for general usage everywhere were fish feed on mayfly nymphs.
Eshop: Waterproof fly box for medium size and smaller flies.
Eshop: Variant of the classic Pheasant Tail Nymph. Golden drop gives to the fly an additional weight and acts as an strike trigger for fish.
Eshop: Black micronymph with bit of shiny body material added. In some occasions this pattern works much better than the "plain" black pattern.
Eshop: A new range of lightweight and compact boxes with easy-slot foam. Three different coloured sizes to choose from as an easy aid to fly identification.
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