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Articles: Article about grayling fishing on the Welsh river Dee.
Articles: An article that summarizes the Czech nymphing technique.
Articles: The French nymphing technique from Czech point of view...
Articles: Why use the French nymph? – fishing the French nymph technique has many fundamental advantages and differs from classic Czech nymph fishing.
Articles: Couple of thoughts about small river fishing.
Articles: I was lucky in that I could watch closely all the development work on the Czech nymphs...
Articles: A brief description of a basic Czech nymph pattern.
Articles: "Squirmy Worms" - Overperform many so far most killing patterns!
Articles: Fishing tips for the first visit of the mighty river Váh, probably the best fly fishing river in Slovakia.
Articles: I am standing in midstream, watching trout rising upstream from me and trying to decide which trout I should cast to first ...
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