New Fly Tying Materials From VENIARD

We have included for you an attractive fly tying materials by VENIARD! Therefore do not miss these nice specialities as Coq De Leon - rooster hackles with unique drawing, Para-Post Wing - great wing material, or special foils named Gummy Minnow Kit and make simple and very close imitations of fish and MUCH MORE useful fly tying materials!

Indicator Neon Waxes by Scafars

Just try Indicator Waxes in FLUO colors, which allows you to quickly create a simple and very easy-to-see indicator on your nymph leader. Available in 5 basic "neon" colors in our e-shop!


The evolutionary and controversial lures of the modern fly fishing of the 21st Century! You can love them or hate them, but one thing is clear - they are extremely effective and versatile "fly" patterns designed mainly for trout and grayling fishing! In our e-shop you can find the biggest selection!

New Article - Basic Tackle For Modern Nymphing

We often get the following question from our customers: What equipement do I need when I want to start French Nymphing?

Slovak Sand Peeping Caddis Bombs

A new type of super heavy nymphs that will find their use not only on the famous Slovak river Váh, but on every wide and deep river with very deep pools which are difficult to reach with even the toughest tungsten nymphs. These special super heavy nymphs are available in 10 weight categories ranging from 1.2 g to 12 g!

New Article - Guide To Basic Dubbing Materials

The term "DUBBING" is used for fly tying materials used to make of artificial flies, which means thoroughly mixed blends of natural fur and synthetic hairs and materials of all kinds of colors and structures...

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