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Guideline KISPIOX Trout

Guideline KISPIOX Trout Guideline KISPIOX Trout #5
Buy: Guideline KISPIOX Trout
Code Type Unit price Stock Availability Quantity
Code: GL19240 Type: AFTMA #5 Unit price: 239,0 EUR Stock: 1 pcs Availability: on stock -+
Code: GL19241 Type: AFTMA #6 Unit price: 239,0 EUR Stock: - Availability: 3 wks -+

Our KISPIOX and EPIK kits will give you the perfect start. They are carefully put together, assembled with backing, line and leaders and a good choice for those of you who want a top-quality outfit at a great price. The KISPIOX kits have received great feedback and have been popular outfits for all styles of trout fishing for several years.

But there’s more than just Trout kits in the range; The Matt Hayes endorsed “EPIK 9’ #9 PIKE Kit, complete with pike flies and pike leader, the Kispiox 13’7 #8/9 Spey Kit with a CONNECT Spey Multi Tip WF line with interchangeable tips and a KISPIOX 13’7 #9/10 Scandi Kit with a Connect Scandi Multi Tip Shooting Head with interchangeable tips, looped to a Flat Polyethylene Shooting Line. There is also a KISPIOX 11’ #7 SWITCH Kit with a Multi Tip WF line. All these make good starting options for anglers of all kinds. All kits are assembled and ready to fish.

Kispiox 9´ #5 (9´ #6) rod, Reelmaster LA 46 reel, Enter WF5F (WF6F) line, leader, backing. Cordura tube.


Producer: Guideline


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