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Contact and the Dead-drift

09. 03. 2013, Category: Techniques
Jeremy Lucas (United Kingdom)

Tenkara – the lightness of fly fishing

15. 01. 2013, Category: Techniques
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
My first experience with the traditional Japanese fly fishing gear.

Hitch Technique for Atlantic Salmon

06. 05. 2012, Category: Techniques
Stjani Ben (Iceland)
Is the Hitch technique the most fun way to fish for Atlantic salmon?Tough question and in no way possible to answer.

Leader-to-hand adventure

31. 03. 2012, Category: Techniques
Jeremy Lucas (United Kingdom)
Jeremy Lucas writes about the technique that leads towards minimal disturbance, improved presentation and control, and a higher level of elegance.

Fishing the Bung

06. 11. 2011, Category: Techniques
Lindsay Simpson (United Kingdom)
The bung, what is it? It is in fact a floating pattern that has the capacity to hook fish, as well as acting as an indicator to register a take.

The Leader-to-hand revolution

25. 05. 2011, Category: Techniques
Jeremy Lucas (United Kingdom)
Excellent article about current developments and own experience with French nymphing.

The Leadhead fishing techniques

26. 02. 2011, Category: Techniques
Hans van Klinken (Netherlands)
Hans recommends techniques for fishing his Leadhead pattern.

The French Nymph – how and why to fish it!

26. 06. 2010, Category: Techniques
Dan Svrček (Czech Republic)
Why use the French nymph? – fishing the French nymph technique has many fundamental advantages and differs from classic Czech nymph fishing...

The French Nymph

05. 04. 2010, Category: Techniques
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
The French nymphing technique from Czech point of view...

Spey Casting

08. 11. 2009, Category: Techniques
Sandy Forgan (United Kingdom)
There aren't many places in the world that are synonymous with a particular style or method of fishing; but there can be few salmon anglers who are not aware of, or aspire to be proficient at, Spey casting.
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