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2013 Newsletter

14. 12. 2013, Category: Other
Jeremy Lucas (United Kingdom)
Jeremy Lucas writes about his highlights of 2013 season.

Mouchér Fouchér

03. 02. 2013, Category: Other
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
A story from our fly fishing trip to France.

FlyFishingPoint Picture Gallery Contest Ended!

17. 01. 2013, Category: Other
FlyFishingPoint (Czech Republic)
Closure of our Picture Gallery Contest and announcement of the first prize and 14 lucky winners of the draw.

FlyFishingPoint Picture Gallery Contest AND 20% discount on ALL FFP shop items

21. 10. 2012, Category: Other
FlyFishingPoint (Czech Republic)
Submit your picture gallery and win COOL fly fishing prizes! The main price: Thinkfish Bold Reel (RSP value of 295 EUR)!Also benefit from 20% discount on ALL your purchases in FFP shop.

Dancing With Trout

10. 06. 2012, Category: Other
Michael Snody (United States)
One September morning I asked my wife if she would like to make a drive to Idaho and fish the Henry’s fork and the South Fork of the Snake River.

A Puzzle As Big as Cheops

11. 03. 2012, Category: Other
Kathryn Meroun (Canada)
The greatest threat to sports fishing isn’t Global Warming.

FlyFishing Fine Art by Diane Michelin

12. 02. 2012, Category: Other
Diane Michelin (Canada)

Puget Sound: Urban Trout Fishing with a Salty Twist

08. 05. 2011, Category: Other
Dave McCoy (United States)
Our target species, sea run cutthroat trout. This particular strain of cutthroat is a Coastal cutthroat and is found from California to Alaska.

“A PATIENT RITUAL” the wildlife artistry of Luke Filmer

01. 05. 2011, Category: Other
Carola Stark (United States)
Luke’s process to create each fish sculpture starts with carefully sculpting the form to match the physical attributes of the fish.

Winter Feelings

27. 03. 2011, Category: Other
Collin Carlson (United States)
During the winter, it feels like everything slows down and becomes quiet.
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