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Pollack in Scotland

16. 03. 2014, Category: Fish
Colin Riach (United Kingdom)
Fly Fishing for Pollack at sea coast of Scotland. Beautiful scenery, harsh conditions and beautiful strong fighting fish!

A brown I dreamt about

10. 04. 2012, Category: Fish
Flydreamers (Argentina)
The wind blew constantly all night long. I woke up in the middle of the dark ... I fished it again!

Rising Trout With A Rhythm

15. 05. 2011, Category: Fish
Michael Snody (United States)
Biology Rhythm, a pattern of involuntary behavior, action, occurring regularly and periodically. Scientifically this is called circadian rhythm.

Marble Trout

27. 04. 2011, Category: Fish
Rok Lustrik (Slovenia)
Marble trout is only indigenous species of trout in the Adriatic (Western) part of the river system in Slovenia.

Irish Brown

03. 04. 2011, Category: Fish
Robert J. Romano (United States)
Essay on a visit to Ireland

Morning Glory: Carp

13. 03. 2011, Category: Fish
Mark Erdosy (United States)
The long hot days of summer are spent hunting solitary common carp.


27. 01. 2011, Category: Fish
Korrie Broos (South Africa)
Join Korrie Broos on a journey to fish for South African catfish or barbel as the catfish is locally known.

Apache Trout

18. 09. 2010, Category: Fish
Aaron Otto (United States)

Lowcountry Redfish

08. 12. 2009, Category: Fish
Paul Rose (United States)
From Charleston, SC south to Savannah, GA, also known as the Lowcountry, redfishing on the fly is on...

Fly Fishing for river perch

30. 08. 2009, Category: Fish
Lukáš Pazderník (Czech Republic)
Fly fishing for river perch is one of authors's favorite fishing pastimes, in addition to the hunt for trout and grayling.
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