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Hooked on the Ladies

25. 01. 2018, Category: Destinations
Peter Driver (Ireland)
Article about grayling fishing on the Welsh river Dee.

Czech Nymphing

07. 01. 2018, Category: Techniques
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
An article that summarizes the Czech nymphing technique.

The French Nymph

05. 01. 2018, Category: Techniques
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
The French nymphing technique from Czech point of view...

The French Nymph – how and why to fish it!

26. 12. 2017, Category: Techniques
Dan Svrček (Czech Republic)
Why use the French nymph? – fishing the French nymph technique has many fundamental advantages and differs from classic Czech nymph fishing...

Small stream junkie

29. 11. 2017, Category: Tactics
Nick Whatton (United Kingdom)
Couple of thoughts about small river fishing.

The Czech Nymph

21. 07. 2017, Category: Flies
Bohumír Šumský (Czech Republic)
A brief description of a basic Czech nymph pattern.

History of the Czech Nymph

21. 07. 2017, Category: Flies
Karel Křivanec (Czech Republic)
I was lucky in that I could watch closely all the development work on the Czech nymphs...

Squirmy Worms - Three reason to love them!

17. 02. 2016, Category: Product Reviews
Czechnymph (Czech Republic)
"Squirmy Worms" - Overperform many so far most killing patterns!

River Váh near Ružomberok, Slovakia

25. 11. 2015, Category: Destinations
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
Fishing tips for the first visit of the mighty river Váh, probably the best fly fishing river in Slovakia.

The Forgotten Ten Degree Angle

23. 04. 2015, Category: Tactics
Michael Snody (United States)
I am standing in midstream, watching trout rising upstream from me and trying to decide which trout I should cast to first without spooking the others. Executing my cast to the trout I had selected, he was quickly hooked and landed with very little disturbance. Watching the other trout and the water, I noticed afair hatch of insects starting to emerge. Now I’m seeing other trout rising to the left, right, and downstream.
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