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Squirmy Worms - Three reason to love them!

17. 02. 2016, Category: Product Reviews
Czechnymph (Czech Republic)
"Squirmy Worms" - Overperform many so far most killing patterns!

River Váh near Ružomberok, Slovakia

25. 11. 2015, Category: Destinations
Pavel Adamovský (Czech Republic)
Fishing tips for the first visit of the mighty river Váh, probably the best fly fishing river in Slovakia.

The Forgotten Ten Degree Angle

23. 04. 2015, Category: Tactics
Michael Snody (United States)
I am standing in midstream, watching trout rising upstream from me and trying to decide which trout I should cast to first without spooking the others. Executing my cast to the trout I had selected, he was quickly hooked and landed with very little disturbance. Watching the other trout and the water, I noticed afair hatch of insects starting to emerge. Now I’m seeing other trout rising to the left, right, and downstream.

At the Vice - Cheeky Devil Matuka

15. 09. 2014, Category: Flies
Aleš Bukáček (Czech Republic)
Article about tying great small river streamer.

Mataura River, New Zealand - Tips & Tales

26. 05. 2014, Category: Destinations
Jakub Kanok (New Zealand)
The Mataura River is the trout fishing purists dream. It is reputed to be the ultimate in dry fly angling for brown trout, with nearly 150km of easily accessed waters. This river would take months if not years to fully explore and discover its many facets.

Pollack in Scotland

16. 03. 2014, Category: Fish
Colin Riach (United Kingdom)
Fly Fishing for Pollack at sea coast of Scotland. Beautiful scenery, harsh conditions and beautiful strong fighting fish!

At the Vice - Conehead Octopus

12. 03. 2014, Category: Flies
Aleš Bukáček (Czech Republic)
Article about tying another lake or river streamer.

The Mastallone River

09. 02. 2014, Category: Destinations
Roberto Nera (Italy)
The Mastallone River is one of the best rivers for fly fishing in the North of Italy.

Chubby Checker

20. 01. 2014, Category: Tactics
Clark Colman (United Kingdom)
Clark Colman explains how to find and catch a hungry but wary coarse fish on fly gear throughout the season.

2013 Newsletter

14. 12. 2013, Category: Other
Jeremy Lucas (United Kingdom)
Jeremy Lucas writes about his highlights of 2013 season.
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