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Czech Republic , Prague
The only reason why I do fly fish is that I enjoy it. And I enjoy every aspect of it, probably apart from killing the fish!
Iceland , Reykjavik
With the risk of sounding like a cliché I have to say that for me fly fishing is a way of life.
South Africa , Cape Town
A fly fishing friend and sculptor of fish, Chris Bladen said the following "I truly hope that every bronze ...
Czech Republic , Hradec Králové
Fly fishing for me is a life style, life meaning, and also great passion, which fills me since childhood.
Argentina , Patagonia
My passion is fly fishing and fly design interrupted by thirty years of life in Corporate America.
Sweden , Boliden
I think fly fishing is a fascinating lifestyle for people interested in nature. I am not a catch and release purist.
United Kingdom , Dundee, Scotland
Our pastime is very close to being accurately described as a 'culture'. It pervades our lives in so many and varied ways.
Switzerland , Laupen
I have asked myself many times what is my fascination in flyfishing . . . . the fascination no other fishing can give you.
United States , Monroe, NC
For me, fly fishing is much more than a pleasant activity.
United Kingdom , Peterborough
For me, fly fishing has become more than a passion, for through photography and writing it has become ...
Slovenia , Ljubljana
Fly fishing is more than fishing for me. It has always been...
Sweden , Jönköping
Fly fishing for me is all about feeling good, it is a kind of lifestyle.
Germany , Breisach
Fly fishing is my life, but it's not only a passion or a good feeling when catching fish, it is much ...
United Kingdom , Oxford
I am absolutely passionate about fly fishing, but also other fishing too.
New Zealand , Albert Town
For me fly fishing, and fly casting are a meditation, a chance to loose yourself in things that are far ...
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