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Czech Nymphing Fly Collection!

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Nymph Skin 3mm

Nymph Skin 3mm Nymph Skin 3mm Translucent

Tie the most realistic abdomens in 3 simple steps. Great range of match the hatch colours. Tying instructions are printed on the packet.

As used by Bill Logan, Steve Thornton, Oliver Edwards and many of the world’s best known Flytyers.

PID Product Manufacturer Pcs Price  
NS_03_TR Nymph Skin 3mm Translucent Virtual Nymph 3,4 EUR
NS_03_NA Nymph Skin 3mm Natural Virtual Nymph 3,4 EUR
NS_03_BL Nymph Skin 3mm Black Virtual Nymph 3,4 EUR
NS_03_OL Nymph Skin 3mm Olive Virtual Nymph 3,4 EUR
NS_03_TA Nymph Skin 3mm Medium Tan Virtual Nymph 3,4 EUR
NS_03_CR Nymph Skin 3mm Cream Virtual Nymph 3,4 EUR
NS_03_YS Nymph Skin 3mm Yellow Sally Virtual Nymph 3,4 EUR
NS_03_CG Nymph Skin 3mm Caddis Green Virtual Nymph 3,4 EUR
NS_03_HC Nymph Skin 3mm Hot Czech Nymph Virtual Nymph 3,4 EUR
NS_03_MR Nymph Skin 3mm Midge Red Virtual Nymph 3,4 EUR
NS_03_DT Nymph Skin 3mm Dark Tan Virtual Nymph 3,4 EUR
NS_03_CS Nymph Skin 3mm Caddis Grey Virtual Nymph 3,4 EUR


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